- Mounted on a 200' track system, enabling quick moves with pipe in the derrick

- New environmentally safe facility

- Custom test holes drilled to client's specifications

- Independent mud engineer on-site for custom mud programs

- Concrete containment for mud pumps and mud tanks

- Concrete lined reserve pits

- Drill Pipe-4" OD XT-39; 6" and 8" drill collars on site-other sizes available upon request

- Available 24 hours/day 7 days/week 365 days/year at standard rate


- Drawworks-2000 HP Continental Emsco D3 Type II

- (2) 1000 HP Traction Motors

- Substructure -21 feet

- Derrick - Continental Emsco 142 feet high 800,000 pounds Cantiliever Mast

- Mud Pumps- (2) Continental Emsco FB1300 Triplex powered by dual 1000 hp electric traction motors

- Mud System: 1,088 bbl, 3-pit active system with 2 mixing hoppers and 5 agitators; 1 600 bbl holding tank with low pressure stirring system; 1-100 bbl trip tank and 1-600 bbl water tank; 2 Derrick Super G Shale Shakers; 1 Internal Mud Cleaning System; 80 bbl Super Vac ****All pits covered to prevent mud contamination. All on concrete slab with curbs and drainage system

- Blow Out Preventer- Reagan 10" Annular with 6 station Accumulator & Choke Manifold

- Backup Power - 3 KATO 800 KW Generator Systems each powered by CAT 398's

- NOV IR-3080 Iron Roughneck with Remote Control Pedestal and hydraulic slips

- CANRIG 275 ton 6027E DC Electric Top Drive

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