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Client satisfaction is our top priority.

We Are A World Class Test Facility

Keystone Test Facility is a new oilfield equipment test facility. The test platform includes a Total Electric Rig mounted on a 200 foot track. This enables the rig to move quickly with pipe in the derrick. Track, cellar and pits are concrete, providing superior fluids containment.

We provide high speed internet, catered meals and overnight sleeping facilities for up to 12 people. Our facility is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. We are the finest public test facility in the world, and our ISO9001 Certification is in progress

What We Offer:

1. Total Electric Facility.

Our pumps have the ability to control low rates without downtime to change liners. We will have 15 holes, 10 ft. apart, with the ability to add more holes.

2. Safety Standards That Surpass Requirements.

A Professional Safety Organization will conduct outside independent audits. Our facility is safe, secure, and environmentally friendly.

3. Ability to Customize Client's Drilling Needs.

We can customize the well bore to each client's specifications. Upon receiving the Scope of Work, KTF will prepare, in advance, so that the Client's time is utilized effectively upon arrival. Any additional equipment needed will be available upon request.

4. Ability to Monitor Progress Of The Well.

You have the ability to monitor progress of the well from multiple locations including the rig floor data module, conference rooms, and sleeping quarters. Confidentiality of client's data is our top priority.

5. An Independent Mud Engineer

We have a professional mud engineer to assist with designing and ensuring correctness of mud programs. KTF has the ability to switch from water based mud to oil based mud within a couple of hours.

6. Experienced Oilfield Drillers and Rig Personnel.

A Petroleum Engineer and Geologist are available to clients. We will plan with you to create new, innovative drilling techniques, if you desire.

7. Open 24 x 7 At The Same Rate.

KTF is open 24 x 7, 365 Days a year at the standard rate.

8. Accommodations

We have lodging for 12 people, catered meals, conference rooms, work shop, etc.

9. Environmentally Sound Fluid Containment System

Concrete pads with curbs underlie the entire mud system to ensure total control of drilling fluids. Concrete reserve pits also prevent contamination and give us the ability to contain fluids in the event of a spill.

10. KTF's Personnel Are Committed to Exceed Your Expectations.

Client satisfaction is our top priority.

Facility Location:

  • Keystone Test Facility 51360 E Highway 64, Cleveland, OK 74020

Interested In Seeing Our Facility?

Take a tour of our facility by contacting:

Steve Hash, P.E., General Manager @ (918) 629-9801

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